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Delays and How to Avoid Them

Delays can at the least disrupt the progress of a business. These delays may even destroy a business. Delaying a product, idea, or any other part of a business can end in unrest in the public. Just think of the new video game or iPod getting delayed. Doesn’t that annoy you to no end? Well, try to avoid that whenever possible.

Delays will happen though and have already. The business that my cousin and I were planning on making has had some delays. These delays are due to multiple reasons. For us, we live in two different towns. These towns are about 50 miles apart. This is the main problem which is causing delays in our starting of the business. It is hard to communicate with him and when I get the chance, I can’t actually see what he’s done. This has caused some annoyance and lack of focus. Another reason we’ve been delayed is our schedules. I play sports after school so therefore I have trouble finding time. This lack of time has been killing us on our business. The last reason for our delay is basically we haven’t spent enough time on it. This kind of includes the not having time piece. But we have spent maybe a half hour total on this project. We need to put in way more time to get this thing done and find out what each others jobs are.

Avoiding delays is a crucial part to keeping your business successful. In fact, it’s necessary. Now am I saying that if you delay a product it will kill your business? No, I’m not. But this delay can have an effect on other projects going on and hold them up too. It’s when you have multiple delays. That’s when you know you have a problem. Multiple delays are something you HAVE to avoid. So just use the following tips to help you avoid them.

  • Stay Focused on your Goals– Writing down your goals may help you with this. But the main thing is that  you know why you are doing what you’re doing. If you don’t know why are doing something then you are going to be way less committed to it and will probably slack off from it. This will delay it’s progress which isn’t good for anybody.
  • Schedule out your Day– Creating a schedule for yourself will help you stay on track and know when you should be working. This can help ease the stress of fitting everything in at the last minute. It’s a bad habit to get into and can create delays.
  • Work on something Daily– This will keep your mind focused on your work and raise your productivity. Doing at least one thing for your business daily will help you improve you business. This will also keep you committed to it.
  • Check out the Results– It’s always good to see how much your making and the people’s lives you are changing. Whenever you see that you’ve made a difference in your life, another person’s life, or the bank account it’s a good feeling. The feeling you get will keep you going even when times get tough.
  • Make sure you actually like your niche– There is no sense in joining a group or niche that you don’t like or aren’t comfortable in. This can cause you to lose focus or quit. There is no point to doing something for a month making a few bucks and quitting. Join a niche you can see yourself being in for a long time. This means you can actually progress your business, rather than stopping and starting.

All in all, delays can be tough on your business and your mindset. So when avoidable, find away around them. They can cause you to lose focus and interest which can ultimately destroy your business. Not many people can say they own a business or like what they do. So take advantage of this and stay committed. Owning a business is tougher, but way more rewarding then working a 9-5 job. So take advantage of the chances you have and don’t delay anything that can be done on time.

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