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New Direction

How often do you guys change your mind? I would expect most people to say that they change their mind a lot. This normally happens when something changes unexpectedly. For example if you get fired, you might change your mind on how much you like the boss. Another example would be if you get a promotion, you might change your mind about quitting or searching for another job to make more money. The point is that everyone changes their minds at one point or another. This change of the mind can really mess up what you are working on. So what is this all leading up to. If you haven’t already guessed it, I changed my mind.

What was the change? Well, it’s related to this blog and the title of this post says it all. If that isn’t clear I will say it more clearly. I have changed my mind on what direction to go in with this blog. Before I wanted to post explanations to certain aspects of business, that I feel that everyone should know. That was going to be the main focus of this blog. Well, not anymore. Now this will become a side thing and will only be the main focus of a few posts.

What caused the change? My cousin and I were talking about how we both want to make money, but we didn’t really know how. I came up with the idea of making T-shirt designs and using a website(this website will be explained in a later post) to sell them. This would provide us with a great opportunity to make some money, with little to no costs. That is the big thing at our age. Little or no costs. Both of us being in high school limits the money we have and what we’ll be willing to spend. So the idea we came up with needed to be cheap or better yet free. As of right now, I believe it is a free project but I don’t know if some expenses will come later. We have not opened up shop yet. We have some designs made, but we live far away and really want to talk in person before submitting any designs. This will be the first step in our business that will mainly be built upon art, mostly photography and T-shirt designs.

How does this relate to the blog? Well, this blog will basically become a journal where I will write about what we do to create this business and improve it. In each post, there is sure to be something that you can learn. I will post about mistakes, so you won’t make them. I will also post about triumphs so you know how we did it. I will also try to have monthly or maybe weekly posts on earnings and projects. But this will become the main focus of this blog. I know I love to read about other businesses; it fascinates me. I take tips from them and use them for my own benefit. I hope that all of you can do the same thing with my posts about business.

What should you do? I personally would love any advice from anyone out there. Although I am writing a blog about entrepreneurship and now am making a business, I am by no means a professional. I hope to perfect the skills I have and acquire new ones during this whole process with you, my readers. So anything you guys want to do to help would be greatly appreciated. But on the other side, I am here to help you guys. So don’t be shy to write a comment to any post. I will be sure to respond as soon as I can. I will help in any way I can. I want this to become a community of people that help each other and reap the benefits from it.

So I hope this does not disappoint anyone. I really enjoy reading about other businesses, so I hope you do too. This will surely be a slow and hard process, but I hope to be earning money soon. Even if it’s a small amount, every dollar counts. That’s your first lesson. Every dollar counts. You could need that dollar for something for your business or to keep yourself in a house. So with every dollar counting, wasting money is a serious no-no. You must use it all for the right stuff at the right time. But don’t worry if you make a mistake, we all do.

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