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Start Learning Business!

Hello, Reader. Welcome to Simply Learn Business, where my goal is Simply to teach everyone about business while learning more myself. I currently am taking an entrepreneurship course online and I wanted to share things that I have learned in the class.

What is my goal? Simply just teach and learn. I will teach the things that I do know about business. But I am far from an expert and will learn from others.

A Little Background On Me
I am a high school student that has always been very interested in business. When I was little I made little businesses with drawings, which is funny because I am terrible at art, then I sold them to my family. This was just one of schemes to try to make money when I was very little. Another example was when I was around 9, I wrote a contract to the small business my Dad works for. This contract was about advertising space on each of our products. Obviously, it wasn’t a success, but it made my Dad’s boss give me a note saying that he would love to have me as a worker when I hit 18. Who knows if it was serious or if it’s still on. But either way I impressed a pretty high level businessman.

What Is Business?
A Business by definition are is a legally recognized organization designed to provide goods and/or services to consumers.(definition from m-w
.com) I view a business as an opportunity to provide a service or product while working as your own boss. Having a business can be very rewarding but also is a lot of pressure. More of this will be explained in later posts. But I see Business as an opportunity to work with something you like.

So I hope you know what this blog is going to be about. I also hope you come back often to check the new content and advice. Feel free to comment this post or any post if you have any questions

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